Fill Dirt

Top Soil and Soil Blends    

Screened Topsoil

Sand Mix (need blend)

Perennial Mix (1/3 screened topsoil, 1/3 sand, 1/3 compost)

We can also mix specialty blends for flower gardens, landscaping and more.


Stone - We provide a complete line of Crushed stone, River Rock, Top Soil, Fill Dirt and Sand.

Type I - Basketball to beach ball size    

Type III - Softball to football size

#4 - 50 cent piece to egg size

#34 - egg and baseball size    

#57 - dime to quarter size

Crusher Run - dime and quarter size mixed with rock dust

Small Surge - baseball size

M10 - rock dust


Foundation Supplies - We can supply everything you need to lay your new foundation.

Rebar (need length, minimum quantity or other parameters) #4 and #5

Rewire (need length, minimum quantity or other parameters) - 750 sq.ft./roll

Wire ties

Poly - 2000 sq.ft./roll (need length, minimum quantity or other parameters)

GO Fab - By the foot 18'X1" or rolls 12x432 and 18x400

MAS Anchor Straps (Hurricane straps) - 50/box

Mortar - Portland, Type N, and Type S


  Please call Dennis for pricing and information, or email

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